Protects your baggage from loss

Protects your baggage from loss

Checkable by all Airlines & Airports worldwide.

Airline Approved

Airline Approved

£12.50 per year
Protect your luggage

With the knowledge that 3,000 bags are lost every hour of every day it is little wonder that lost luggage represents one of the greatest concerns for the modern traveller. When the airline check-in tag is missing, has been damaged or has expired (with barcodes being recycled on a continuous basis) baggage handlers often have only a physical description of the mishandled bag to aid identification.

With over four million checks per month across 150 billion registered items of property, the TRACE ME tag is part of the World's Largest Property Ownership Database and ensures your bag can quickly and easily be identified with immediate notification that your bag has been found.

Suitable for check-in and carry-on luggage, golf bags, ski bags, musical instrument cases, lap top bags, backpacks, etc.

With Email and SMS notification your bag has been found

Trace Me Luggage Tracker is fully Integrated with internal airline SITA WorldTracer Unique Identification Services With an Email and SMS notification your bag has been found.

Airline Baggage services staff worldwide have the capability to enter our unique Trace Me Luggage Tracker Serial Identification number into the airline's SITA WorldTracer unclaimed baggage record.

Trace Me Luggage Tracker Unique ID Service facilitates the notification to the owner by sms and email that the luggage is being held at a specific airline and location, along with the WorldTracer bag file reference number. The luggage owner, or airline passenger, can then contact the airline to which the loss has been reported for appropriate action.

Magazine tester John Rambow commented:

"Trace Me called about my overhead suitcase four hours after my flight. The company then e-mailed to tell me it was at the airport; I picked it up a few days later"

Trace Me Luggage Tracker named as Budget Travel magazine's best pick for luggage return

New York magazine Budget Travel put the Trace Me service to the test alongside other baggage identifying services. Luggage was labelled using the tags then deliberately 'lost' by each of the testers, by being left in aeroplane overhead lockers in various locations. Based on Budget Travel's findings they selected Trace Me as their top choice.